Talking Notes

Hey there.

I’m not going to lie, if you’re reading this, chances are you know me and I’ve told you about it. Either that, or you’ve fucked up riding a humongous wave in the vast surf of the internet and consequently been spat out on the shores of this metaphorical deserted island. Hi.

This space is new, and something that I’ve considered developing for some time. In short, it’s a platform to express thoughts about music, and other tangential topics. I don’t wish for this place to be contained in a box, hence it’s not a review site or anything of the like; certainly not a place to ‘critique’. Rather, it’s an opportunity to explore and discuss what I’m finding compelling in the sphere of music.

You’ll soon see that I have an affinity for a wide array of ‘styles’ – if you will – artists, sounds, and instrumentations. Primarily, it’s a fascination of how sound can be used as a creative and meaningful medium of human expression.

I’m certainly no authority on the topic, and have no desire to be. I hope for it to be place to openly discuss and delve into the nuanced crevices that are at first a little tricky to find, but upon closer examination, so populous in the realm of organised sounds we call music.


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